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Animal of the Month October 16, 2008

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Eastern Screech Owl


Name: Cricket

Cricket’s Story

 Cricket came to the Science Center in Fall of 2000.  She was attacked by a cat in the backyard.  The cat proceeded to bring the young owl into its own kitchen.  The owner of the cat found the owl and called a Wildlife Center to come rescue the bird.  Her wounds were cared for and Cricket was released back into the wild. 

To the Wildlife Center’s surprise, the owl returned to where it was released.  It hung around for several days.  This is called “imprinting“.  Imprinting can be defined as “a learning process in which a newborn or very young animal establishes a behavior pattern of recognition and attraction to another animal of its own kind or to a substitute identified as a parent” (American Heritage Dictionary).  With Cricket, this was a bird who had become attached to humans.  She was sent to the Science Center for use in educational programs.


Cricket is used in our programs for classes studying Birds, Adaptations, Owls, Nocturnal Animals, Flight, and many more.


Want to learn some facts about Screech Owls? or listen to what they sound like?  Click on the link below:


1. Larry Brown - October 22, 2008

Congrats! Wonderful Blog!! Very Cool Sites!!!

I love the picture of you and John with the very “fashionable headgear”.


Larry B.

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