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Chick Hatching Time! February 10, 2009

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All 1st and 5th grades participate in chick hatching throughout Burlington Public Schools. 


The Science Center grows the fertilized eggs for the first 18 days in our master incubator.

Master Incubator

Master Incubator

 On the 19th day, Ms. Pavlicek delivers the eggs to the classroom incubators allowing the students to watch the chicks being born.



Chicks inside!

Chicks inside!



 Students watching chicks hatch!

 Ms. Pavlicek presents a “Chicken & Egg” Program to the students prior to the hatch date.  Students learn about egg sizes, egg colors, the parts of the egg, how an egg is formed, and additional aspects about chickens and the hatching process.

A Variety of Bird Egg Sizes

A Variety of Bird Egg Sizes


Mother hen sitting on her nest!

Mother hen sitting on her nest!

 Ms. Pavlicek also filmed a video allowing the students to view the candling process of the eggs and an opportunity to view the master incubator at the Science Center.



 After the chicks hatch, they are moved into Brooder Boxes.  They are raised in the classrooms for 1 week, as students watch their behavior and learn the responsibility of taking care of a living thing.

Brooder box

Brooder box

The chicks are all returned to the farmer who sells us the fertilized eggs.



 When our students reach Burlington High School, I often ask what their most memorable experience was from the Science Center.  Most common answer is “Chick Hatching.”

Peep! Peep!

Peep! Peep!







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