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Snake Feeding in the Classrooms! May 13, 2010

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One of Burlington’s students favorite visiting animals from the Science Center is a snake.  The most exciting aspect of having the snake visit their classroom is having an opportunity to watch the snake eat.

"Twitch" the Red Rat Snake (Cornsnake) in Mrs. Lynch's Grade 3 Class at Pine Glen

The Science Center feeds thawed, dead mice to many of their animals: snakes, snapping turtles, owls, hawk, and alligator.

Ms. P presents a short lesson on why living things need food or energy to survive (food webs).  She compares human and snake anatomy, using a real pair of skulls.  Ms. P then describes the behaviors and processes of the snake feeding.  If a student is uncomfortable or does not want to watch, they are given to opportunity to read a book on their own.   Ms. P also answers any questions the students have before the feeding.  The class then gathers around the tank and silence takes over as the mouse is placed in the tank to eat.

Check out the video below of the snake eating in the classroom!

(Coming Soon)

It is truly amazing to see how a can snake eat without using any arms, hands, fingers or legs!

Fun Snake feeding facts:

–Snakes swallow their prey whole.

–Snakes can usually eat something around 3x the size of its head.

–Snakes can either constrict or use venom to paralyze and kill their prey.

–Snakes have a special jawbone with stretching ligaments to help them eat their food.

–Snakes detect their prey by means of vibrations, heat or chemical signals.

–Snakes have a chemical sensing organ called the “Jacobson’s organ”

–Snakes can either constrict or use venom to paralyze and kill their prey.

–Snakes teeth face inward and prevent their prey from escaping.

–Snakes have strong muscles to help move their prey down to their stomach.


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