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Hawk Release April 13, 2011

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A group of students, teachers, town residents and friends joined the Burlington Science Center in the release of a rehabilitated Red-tail Hawk this past Friday.

In January, Ms. Pavlicek responded to a local call about a hawk sitting low in a tree, soaking wet, with what appeared to be an injured wing.  She rescued the immature male Red-tail Hawk and brought it to the Science Center for a further examination.  The hawk was given initial care and then transferred it to Tufts Wildlife Clinic in Grafton, MA.  The bird remained at Tufts where it was fully rehabilitated from damaged wing tissue.

Soaked injured hawk before rehab

Nearly 3 months later, the hawk was returned back to Ms. Pavlicek for release to its original location.  When released, it had a strong take off and flew to the nearest and highest tree around.  It rested for a minute and then began to circle high above in the sky (called “thermal riding”).  What am amazing site to see such a beautiful animal returned back to the wild!

Check out some pictures below from the release.

Out of the carrier..

Are we ready..here we go...

First few seconds of freedom!


Found a nice high tree...

A quick look around...

Off to live the life of a hawk....good luck!


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