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Mr. Papadonis is retiring! June 17, 2011

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Mr. Papadonis and his hand-made Telsa Coil

Mr. Papadonis started teaching Science in Burlington (at Marshall Simonds Middle School) almost 40 years ago and started the Burlington Science Center in 1984.  He has spent four long decades sharing his passion and love for Science with everyone.  We will always remember the fascinating experiments, crazy explosions and theatrical teaching style…all which we love about Mr Papadonis.  He has made Science fun, exciting and memorable for so many people throughout the years.

Mr. Papadonis became interested in Science at a young age, with inspiration from his teachers and mentors at places such as the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, and most of all the Needham Science Center.  He never stopped talking about the mentors he had in life  and how much they influenced and meant to him over the years.  We are very proud of Mr. Papadonis’ life’s accomplishments as an educator throughout his career.  He has been that same mentor to me and many of the amazing teachers that work here in Burlington and other areas as well. Mr. Papadonis, we appreciate everything you have done and we will never forget it!

Mr. Papadonis has been so many things to so many people:  a son, a father, a husband, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a band mate, a teacher, a mentor, a leader, even a finalist for MA teacher of the year…but most all to me and many others, he has been a DEAR FRIEND.

For the Burlington teachers, students and entire community, it will never be the same without him.  But Mr. Papadonis, please rest assured that even though you won’t be here physically, you will be here in the hearts and minds of everyone.  Your legacy and Science will live on through the Burlington Science Center for many years to come.  We love you, you are the best and enjoy your retirement!  Rock on!


1. Barbara L'Heureux - June 17, 2011

Thank you Mr. P for the many years of rockets, inventions, gutter boats, dissections, star lab visits and field trips! Have a great retirement – you’ll be missed!
Barbara and Jenny L’Heureux

2. Patricia OBrien - June 18, 2011

Thank you for sharing your passion for science with the students of Burlington. Some of my children’s most memorable school experiences stem from activities facilitated by the Science Center under Mr Papadonis’ leadership. May your endeavors in retirement be all that you imagined!

3. ScienceCenterAide - July 13, 2011

Thanks for being an awesome teacher Mr. P!! I always looked forward to the Science Center presentations in elementary school!

I was the only one in my class who remembered the story of the emperor and the lodestone frog in the pond 🙂

You’ll be missed! Good luck!

4. Dave Outerbridge - October 13, 2011

Mr. Pap, enjoy retirement. Of anyone I know, you earned it. I feel privileged that I was able to assist you for 4 years as a Science Center Aide. I learned so much from you and I have many, many fond memories.

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