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Rare fish found in Burlington! August 26, 2013

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Burlington, Massachusetts happens to be the home of one of the rarest fish in Massachusetts, the bridle shiner!  The fish, a type of small minnow, is listed as a “species of special concern by the Massachusetts National Heritage and Endangered Species Program.  The bridle shiner inhabits the local waters of Vine Brook, located near the Flatbread Pizza Company on Burlington Road.  It is known to be the fifth largest population in Massachusetts and the largest population in the eastern part of the state.

Deep Swamp Branch (Chowan)

Local biologist, Bryan Windmiller, is head starting a project to learn how this rare fish has survived in an urban area and also developing a plan for the conservation of the species.  His non profit group (Grassroots Wildlife Conservation) and several volunteers are helping to enhance populations of the rare fish.  Mr. Windmiller and volunteers locate and identify bridle shiners, sample and identify aquatic plant species and monitor different aspects of water quality.  He has also reached out to local schools, where classrooms have been raising and releasing populations of the shiner back into the wild.

]workers better

Some of the bridle shiner’s threats include predation from larger fish, decrease in aquatic plant species and chemical pollution.  To learn more about Mr. Windmiller’s project, click here to read a recent article by the Boston Globe.

Click here to learn about the natural history of the Bridle Shiner.

(Photos above by Katherine Taylor of the Boston Globe)


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