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Pumpkin Science Shows October 4, 2013

Posted by Sean Musselman in Science Center.
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Does a pumpkin float or sink in water?

Does a pumpkin float or sink in water?

Mr. Musselman has been busy this past week sharing “Pumpkin Science” with Burlington’s second graders. Students have been enjoying learning about the anatomy of a pumpkin, predicting whether a pumpkin floats or sinks, and then following up with some halloween investigations around the science of fire.

The Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle

Will the fire stay lit?

Will the fire stay lit?

To send the students away with a bang, Mr. Musselman has been sharing an impressive chemical reaction demonstration he likes to call “Pumpkin Vomit.” The chemical reaction is better known as “Elephant Toothpaste” across the YouTube world. It can be done safely with some home friendly ingredients… the most important being the dish soap!

Pumpkin Vomit!!!

Pumpkin Vomit!!!

When the reaction begins, oxygen is created and heat is released. Since oxygen is a gas at room temperature, the gas begins to rise out of the mixture… but not before the dish soap creates bubbles ensnaring the oxygen! With so much gas being released, the bubbles quickly overcome the size of their container and the giggles from curious onlookers start to spill over too!

Thanks to Memorial teachers, Erica Farrand and Barbara Nelson for taking these excellent photos!


1. MistaChocka - October 10, 2013

How cool. Well done Mr. Musselman.
We’re lucky to have you!

Mr. Chiocca
Teacher, Burlington

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