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Eggsperiments! February 11, 2014

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As part of the fourth grade chick hatching experience, each classe participates in “eggsperiments.”  During these activities, students learn about the chicken egg, its parts and their function for the growing chick inside.  They discuss the scientific process, make hypotheses, record their observations and discuss conclusions about the eggsperiments results.

me and eggs

Eggsperiment #1: Are all chicken eggs the same size? Studments explore and measure the size of each egg.  They record their results on a chart and can graph the results.

photo 4

photo 2-4

photo 3-1

photo 2-6

Eggsperiment #2: How to tell a hard boiled egg from a raw egg?  Students explore the differences between a raw and a hard boiled egg.  They have to determine which one of their dozen eggs is hard boiled without opening it.  There are discussions about states of matter and changes in matter when something is cooked.

har dor raw?

photo 3-3

Eggsperiment #3: Where is the shell? A chemical reaction!  Students observe what happens when an egg is placed into a cup of vinegar.  They record their initial observation and continue to record their observations over several days.


Eggsperiment #4:  Floating eggs and egg strength!  Students discuss the strength of an egg, what the shell is made out of and particpate in different strength tests.  Students also observe what happens to an egg in water when salt is added.

Eggspeirment #5:  The incrdible egg-egg dissection! Students examine the parts of the egg and familiarize themselves with the function of each part for the growing chicken inside.

photo 4-1

photo 1-3

photo 3-2


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