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Curious Minds Search for Answers in Francis Wyman’s “Curiosity Club” April 3, 2014

Posted by Sean Musselman in Burlington Community.
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For the past month, fourth and fifth graders at Francis Wyman have been busy after school in Mrs. Lynch’s classroom. There, the Curiosity Club has been meeting each week, learning first about how scientists investigate their world and then taking on the challenge of designing, executing, and sharing the results of an experiment of their own creation.

Questions to answer varied wildly. What paper towel was most absorbent?  How does wind influence different kinds of balls? What is the best design and paper type for paper airplanes? Students worked hard to create fair experiments that tested their question and could be repeated multiple times. Once the experiment were designed test trials were run, data collected, and then analyzed by students and their partners. This past Tuesday wrapped the club up with students communicating their results to parents and a “panel of scientists” there to check out the young scientists’ work and honor them with award superlatives.

To see all of the blog posts written by Curiosity Club Coaches, Kim Lynch and Anne Rigby check out the link to Kim’s page here.


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