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Planting at the Burlington Community Garden June 23, 2014

Posted by bsciencecenter in Burlington Community.

Matster Garnder, Peter Coppola, and the first grade classrooms at Francis Wyman School spent the morning planting at the Burlington Community Gardens behind their school.  Their excitment was evident as the students came rushing to tell me about their future gardening adventure.

photo 3-5


photo 2-3

Mr. Coppola gave the students a tour of the different areas within the garden.  He explained the difference between the leased plots for families/residents vs. the area designated for people who are in need of food assistance (food pantry garden).

Mr. Coppola then talked to the first grades about moving about within the garden.  He demonstarted the differnce between the row (where we can walk) and the bed (where we can not walk).  He also introduced the basic tools the students would be using for their planting.

Mr. Coppola explaining the difference between a bed and a row

Mr. Coppola explaining the difference between a bed and a row

Each class had the opportunity to introduce sprouted plants intto the soil and the opportunity to plant seeds directly in the ground.  Mr. Coppola described the steps on how to correctly place each plant into the ground.  Each student was given a small shovel for digging and a watering can for watering.

photo 1-4

Mr. Coppola describing the steps on how to plant in the soil

First graders at their planting beds

First graders at their planting beds

Some of Francis Wyman’s fourth grade classrooms also planted items at the garden the following week.

The Science Center currently supports plant science and sprouting seeds throughout several grades in the elementary schools.  We aspire to connect gardening with the science curriculum over the next few years.  The community garden is a great way  to extend the learning from the classroom into the outdoor environment.   It is an important tool for children to learn how we get produce and where their food originates from.  Our goal is to help connect our youth with nature, provide them with a meaningful outdoor experience and to educate them about ways they can help conserve our environment.

If you are interested in leasing a plot or volunteering, please contact the science center at pavlicek@bpsk12.org or Peter Coppola at petercoppola@rcn.com




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