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Shifting to the Next Generation of Science in Burlington Elementary Schools August 28, 2014

Posted by Sean Musselman in Science Center.
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BScience Next Generation

The Science Center opened the 2014-2015 school year with grade level presentations outlining the coming changes to the entire elementary school science curriculum. The changes outlined are a result of the Massachusetts Department of Early and Secondary Education’s release of their draft revised standards for Science, Technology, and Engineering, expected to be finalized and moved forward for public adoption during the 2015-2016 school year.

During this presentation Ms. Pavlicek outlined the reasons for the DESEs move to revise the standards and the significant changes the new standards will require to the way science is taught across K-12 classrooms. Mr. Musselman then outlined the five year plan designed to introduce new units one at a time, while providing professional development for teachers to better prepare them for the type of “science practice” work expected to be done with students in their classrooms. During the curriculum development and review process, the Science Center will be including teachers in the process of identifying key learning goals, developing curriculum to reach these goals, and assessments that teachers will be able to use to determine students mastery of the standards or “performance expectations.” Modifications have been made to each grade level’s curriculum, year-by-year, starting in the fall of 2016 to ensure that students do not experience gaps in their science learning and that a well.

Also introduced to the teachers was Science A-Z, a resource associated with Reading A-Z that will provide teachers with leveled readers across the curriculum and for their grade level. The Science Center and Mobile Learning teachers Diana Marcus and Jenn Scheffer will be helping teachers integrate these resources into their 1:1 classrooms.

The fifth-grade presentation has been embedded into this blog above. To see the presentations shared at every grade level follow this link to the Burlington Science Folder sharing the August PD presentations.


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