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2014 Sunflower Contest Winners! October 22, 2014

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This past spring, each student in Burlington K-5 had the opportunity to plant and sprout seeds in their classrooms.  The students then took their sunflowers home to be planted.

 We are pleased to announce the winners of The Burlington Science Center’s Largest Sunflower Contest!   Each winner receives an award certificate, prizes and picture in the newspaper.

Suflower Height:  Benjamin Parrillo (Grade K) Pine Glen School

Plant Height: 150 in. / 12.5 feet

benjamin parillo 1st height

Largest Seed Head:  Amber & Camryn Hill (Gr. 4 & 2) Memorial School

Flower Head:  18 & 17 inches wide

Camryn & Amber Hill 1st seed head

Camyrn Hill 1st seed head

We would like to acknowledge the runner’s up finalists!

2nd & 3rd Place Sunflower Height:

Brady McGonagle (Grade 5 Fox Hill School)  144 inches / 12 feet

BMcGonagle-2nd height

 Bryan & Scott Bottiglio (Grade 6 MSMS & Grade 4 Francis Wyman) 142 inches / 11.8 feet

Bottiglio bryan & Scott 3rd height


2nd & 3rd Largest Seed Head:

Nataleigh Barrucci (Grade 6 MSMS)  Seed head diameter: 16 inches

Barrucci-2nd seed head

 Alex Burke & Tommy Hayes (Grade 2 & 5 Francis Wyman School) & Sonali Patel (Grade 2 Fox Hill School)

Burke 3rd seed head2


Tommy Hayes 3rd seed head


We would like to congratulate all of the students who participated of our sunflower contest! Each participant received an honorary gardener award and goody bag of prizes.  We are very proud of yourhard work!  Photos of students and their sunflowers will travel into the lobby of each school for a week.



1. bren@BGgarden - October 22, 2014

Beautiful sunflowers – congratulations to all the finalist and winner. It is a wonderful feeling to grow your own sunflowers ( food)!

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