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Winter Tracks and Footprints! February 13, 2015

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Winter is the perfect season for observing animal tracks and scat in your backyard. The shape and pattern of the animal track are important when deciding what creatures are venturing outside in the woods or your backyard. I went on a hike last weekend and took a few photos of common Massachusetts animal tracks. Do you recongnize any of these tracks from your backyard?


This is a classic cottontail rabbit.  This rabbit is running/facing toward the bottom of your screen.  You will see two larger back feet and 2 smaller front feet, one in front of the other.


This is also a cottontail rabbit, except it is sitting in one place.  Note the round pellet (feces) between the back legs and the front feet are on top.


This is a white-tailed deer hoof print.  You can see the two separate hoof/toe prints.


This is a set of squirrel tracks.  They look similar to a butterfly shape.  There are 2 larger back feet and 2 snaller front feet-both feet are close together.


Another set of squirrel prints.



The pictures above are squirrel “digs.”  They are areas where the squirrels have buried their seeds and then proceeded to retrieve them from the snow to eat.


These are song bird tracks.  Note the two, side-by-side feet and the long drag mark of the bird’s tail.


These prints are most likely from a fox.  The length of the stride (area between the two feet) and the size of the individual print are important from determining fox or coyote.

What other prints have you seen in your yard or out in nature? If you take the time to look closely and observe the world, you can find the most interesting things around you!  Get outside and look today!


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