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Girl Scouts Earn Animal Care Badge via the Science Center April 9, 2015

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A girl Scout troop recently visited the Science Center, working towards their badge on animal care.  The group was very excited for the opportunity to visit the center and learn about the responsibility of caring for a living thing.

FullSizeRender-1  Ms. Pavlicek started by asking questions about what to do before considering having a pet.  They then discussed what things you need to think about when buying a pet (cage, food, water, exercise, toys, vet care) and how we treat the animal while in our care.


Ms. P then split the troop up into 3 groups and brought out a different animal for each group. The groups brainstormed what care the animal needed, the environment it needed to live in and any questions about the critter.  They discussed the idead from each group and then had an opportunity to interact with the animal.  The girls proceeded to put the animal back into the cage it lived in and compared the living environment to the inforamtion the group had discussed earlier.




The girl scouts had designed and developed enrichment toys for the rodents at the Science Center.  They each presented their toy to Ms. P and described how the animal would ineract with it.



The last part of the visit involved the troop being ablw to tour the live animal room at the center.  They were able to give out treats to the animals, handle particular animals they were iinterested in and ask any questions about an animal and its care.




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