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Burlington Reservoir Habitats 3rd Grade Field Trip May 28, 2015

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Every year the Science Center takes the 3rd grade classes in Burlington to the Mill Pond Reservoir for a field trip focusing on habitats.  This year we decided to include more student involvement with the field trip.  Each group of students visited 3 different habitats (forest, field & vernal pool) and collected data about each one.  Data included date, time, air & water temperature, soil temperature, soil sampling, weather and a labeled sketch of the habitat.  Each student had a different “scientists role” in collecting the data at each stop.  Students and teachers compared and contrasted the habitat data after the field trips back in their classrooms.

The Science center brought several live animals to show examples of the living things at each habitat.  Students also found owl pellets, observed animals from the vernal pool and learned how to identify the common wintergreen plant.

magnify field happy data sheet cricket IMG_8941 IMG_8971 IMG_8970 IMG_8952 IMG_9013

IMG_9085 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 IMG_8942 IMG_8950

soil smaple





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