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Name the Owl Contest Winner! October 21, 2015

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We would like to announce the winner of the Science Center’s “Name the Owl Contest.”And the winner is………

Shea McDonald from Mr. Stead’s room at Francis Wyman School with the name “Scout!”


The Science Center awarded Shea with a framed certificate and science prizes.  We also had the photographer from the Daily Times newspaper take her picture for the front page.

owl n me

Scout is an Eastern Barred Owl.  He was illegally taken from a nest and raised by a human for 4 weeks.  Scout was injured and then taken to Tufts Wildlife Clinic for treatment.  The owl was confiscated and re-nested with an owl foster family.  Scout was too afraid of his foster parents and siblings.  He was not eating from the parent owls.  Scout is what we call “imprinted.”  He became accustomed to being cared for by human beings and would not survive on his own in the wild.

Scout lives in an outdoor enclosure at the Burlington High School in front of the cafeteria.  Be sure to visit him!

Thank you to all the 4th graders who participated in the contest!


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