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Our Superhero Secretaries! June 20, 2019

Posted by Sean Musselman in Burlington Community, Science Center.


Over the past few years our curriculum rollout as required some serious scheduling gymnastics by Burlington’s elementary school secretaries. Pulling whole teams of grade-level teachers is a hard pull any time, never mind during years when substitute teacher numbers are at an all-time low! Through it all our secretaries have worked their magic with a smile to ensure our teachers have the time and opportunity to prepare themselves for delivering our science curriculum to the best of their ability.


Thank you Julie Gosselin, Kristin Downie, Kathy Bogosh, Julie Conley, and absentee line manager, Jill Papadonis for all your hard work that has allowed us to do ours!

and to all of our secretaries, teachers, and Burlington community at large have a wonderful summer and see you in September!


1. bogosh@bpsk12.org - June 20, 2019

Wendy and Sean, I just want to thank you for the beautiful flowers. Hope you both have a nice relaxing summer! Kathy

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