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Support the Burlington Food Pantry June 10, 2020

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Please support our BHS students, Anshul Shirude and Ayush Shingavi who are looking to make a change for the families who need the most help in uncertain times.


As two citizens of the town of Burlington, they have made it our mission to provide assistance to the food pantries and their families. So, we have generated a list of seven items to include in our “Sponsor-A-Basket.” Each basket will cost around $13. Any donations which we receive are greatly appreciated and will be reflected with personalized messages from you on each basket. Please help and support us to work in this mission together. Thank you so much for your time and I hope we can start the mission together!


List of items

Canned tomatoes – $1.15/per can

Pasta sauce – $1.93/per bottle

Broth – $2.17/per carton

Jelly – $2.15/per bottle

Dish soap – $2.93/per bottle

Assorted Vegetables – $1.50/per can

Black Beans – $0.82/per canPlease



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