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Nature walks with Kindergarten December 10, 2021

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Curiosity and wonder are very apparent in younger elementary students. Four our kindergarten unit called “Living Things & Their Environments,” students are introduced to the concept of living vs. non-living things in our world. Through a visual probe, students first share their current understanding if things in our world are living or non-living.  Teachers encourage students to explain the reasoning rule/characteristics and the criteria they used to decide whether the things on the list are living and record student thinking.

Students then participate on a Science Center led nature walk to observe and collect different things in nature.  Students sort the class collected items and are encouraged to talk about the decisions they made and come to a consensus of which pile it belongs to. After the student groups sort, they get back together as a class to share ideas about what makes them something living or nonliving. This unit then continues with students learning about the basic needs of living things (plants & animals) and patterns/systems of our natural world.

Getting students outdoors to observe, ask questions and make connections to the natural world around them is an important part of being a scientist.


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