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Flamingo Experts Visit Memorial First Graders April 1, 2015

Posted by Sean Musselman in Science Center.
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When Mrs. Panagiotopoulos’ writing chose flamingos as the subject of their research project, Mr. Musselman put in a call with some friends at the Stone and Franklin Park Zoo.┬áThe Stone Zoo is home to one of the most successful flamingo hatcheries in the United States! Fast forward to this afternoon, when zoo educators Miss Marley and Miss Caitlin┬ácame to visit Mrs. P’s class and share some feathery facts with the curious first graders.

Flamingo 1

Miss Marley with video from the flamingo hatchery at the Stone Zoo.


Miss Marley and Miss Caitlin started by sharing some video filmed by the chief flamingo curator talking about some of the special things zoo keepers do to keep track of the flamingos and their offspring, set to hatch next month. They put little bands with different colors on the flamingos’ legs to indicate whether they are male or female.

Because the shrimp-like krill flamingos eat can be expensive, zoo keepers feed the local flamingos a mix of nutrients that flamingos need in a mix they call “flamingo chow.” Students got to look at the flamingo chow using magnifiers.

Flamingo 2

What do we find in “flamingo chow”?


Flamingo feathers come in pink, white, and black. Students got to touch the feathers and feel the difference between the soft underside and smooth outside of the feathers.

Photo Apr 01, 12 46 25

Flamingo feathers are beautiful!

Photo Apr 01, 12 46 57

Observing the soft side of flamingo feathers.

Students also got to touch a replica flamingo skull and real pieces of flamingo eggs. They were much larger than the baby chick eggs hatching in their classroom right now!

Photo Apr 01, 13 01 18

The flamingo egg was very fragile!

Photo Apr 01, 12 42 21

Checking out the flamingo skull.

Photo Apr 01, 12 42 09

Flamingos are filter feeders. Their beaks help them catch krill in the water.


We would like to thank the zoo educators, Marley and Caitlin for coming out to Burlington and visiting our classroom and the Science Center!

Photo Apr 01, 13 24 53

Miss Marley with a baby chick from the Science Center!