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Fox Hill First-Grader Wins Telescope in “Sky Observation” Challenge June 1, 2018

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Mr. Musselman, Elise Hom, and her brand new Vivitar 50x/100x refractor telescope!

First-grader, Elise Hom was presented with her very own Vivitar refractor telescope yesterday during the K/1 lunch period at Fox Hill School. Between March and April, first graders from all over Burlington participated in the “Observe your Sky” challenge. These sky scientists observed and recorded whether or not the sun was still present in the sky when they went to bed and when they woke up in the morning. Students who recorded observations for a month submitted their data tables to the Science Center, which were then entered into a raffle. Elise’s name was picked and is the first winner of what will become an annual competition!

The Burlington Science Center would like to thank Northern Bank for their generous donation of the telescopes and the seventy-plus students representing all four elementary schools who participated. While these students may not have won the telescope they did collect data like real scientists and uncover the changing amounts of daylight hours during the spring season!


Sunflower Growing Contest May 12, 2014

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Every other year the Science Center holds a growing contest for Burlington’s elementary students.  This year’s contest is the largest sunflower!  Every classroom K-5 receives a greenhouse growing kit from the center so each student can sprout their own plants to take home.

photo 2-4

The Science Center will send out entry forms in the fall.  We will award prizes for the tallest plant and the largest seedhead.  All growers who participate in the contest will receive a certificate and goody bag.  Good luck and don’t forget to take a picture of your plant for us to share! (no matter how big or small it is)

These our winners from our last sunflower contest in 2009.







Black Rat Snake Naming Contest Winner June 12, 2013

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The Burlington Science Center would like to announce the winner of the 3rd-5th grade “Name the Endangered Snake Contest.”  Our previous snake, Amelia, passed away at an old age of 18.  Our new snake is one year old and captive bred from Las Vegas.


And the winner is……….

Laelia Fowler from Mrs. Bernstein’s 3rd grade class at Fox Hill School!

She chose the name “Kusari” which is a type of tool that ninjas use.  Laelia received an award plaque and a goody bag of science prizes.



We would like to thank all the students who participated in the contest.  The winner was chosen by our high school Science Center aides.

The Black Rat snake is an endangered reptile in Massachusetts.  It is also MA largest snake.


Click here and here to learn more about this snake.

2012 Name the Alligator Contest Winner January 4, 2013

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Every year the Science Center holds a “Name the Alligator Contest” for the 2nd grades.  This years winner is Khya Summerville from Fox Hill School.  She chose the name “Gabriel.”  Khya received an award plaque and had her picture taken for the front page of the local newspaper.  Congratulations!


The Science Center uses its alligator for educational programs throughout the schools.  The alligator is loaned to us from Rainforest Reptile Shows.  They are amazing! Check out their link below:




Giant Pumpkin Contest a HUGE Success! October 11, 2012

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Last spring the Burlington Science Center gave away pumpkin seeds in soil containers to every K-5 Burlington student in preparation for our bi-annual growing contest. The rules were simple: All pumpkins were to be grown in the town of Burlington, pumpkins were to be weighed at the Burlington Post Office where they would receive an official weight stamp, and final weights were to be submitted to the Science Center by the end of September.

On Wednesday all results were made final and participants were invited to the town common for an official pumpkin contest photo to celebrate our town’s youngest gardeners.

Three students received special recognition for their amazing pumpkins! Anika Bharatan received third place with a weight of 48.2 pounds. Second place was awarded to Maggie MacLeod for her pumpkin, weighing 49.5 pounds. The first place winner grew one of our pumpkins to an amazing 89 pounds… almost twice that of any other! Skyla Vaudo’s award-winning pumpkin was an impressive sight for all of us, requiring a red wagon to reach the crowd that assembled for the group photograph.

We here at the Burlington Science Center are incredibly proud of our young gardeners from all four elementary schools. We would like to thank the students and their family for keeping up with the months-long contest over the summer. We would also like to thank the Burlington Post Office employees who graciously weighed each and every pumpkin entered in the contest. Lastly we’d like to thank our friends at the Daily Times Chronicle and Burlington Union for weathering the elements and taking our photo for their papers!

The “2011 Name the Alligator Contest” winner is…. December 6, 2011

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The Burlington Science Center would like to congratulate Orion Golden from Pine Glen School.  He is the winner of the Science Center’s 2011 “Name the Alligator Contest.”

Orion Golden, Aurora the American Alligator and Ms. Lane's second grade Pine Glen class

Orion decided to name the American Alligator “Aurora,” after his older sister.  Coincidentally, in 2009 Aurora Golden had also won the Science Center’s  “Name the Alligator Contest”  by choosing her brother’s name, Orion.

Thank you to all the second graders who participated in the contest.

To learn more about American Alligators, check out the link here.