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Investigate at Home: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt March 31, 2020

Posted by Sean Musselman in Burlington Community, Science Center.
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With distance learning now picking up steam in Burlington and across the country, Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman are sharing their “outdoor scavenger hunt” here for all to use and or modify to meet their own learning needs and environment. Our scavenger hunt focuses on participants seeking out different, producers, consumers, decomposers, and other environmental features in their surrounding environment (while practicing proper social distancing of course!)

Outdoor scavenger hunts like this allow children of all ages to practice good observation skills and wonder about the world around them. Here are some tips from Ms. P to get you started:

  • Use your senses! (listen, feel, smell, look…but no tasting)
  • Take time to look/feel/smell closely
  • Pay attention to details-focus on properties (size, color, texture, shape, hardness, weight)
  • Roll over a log or rock to observe, but be sure to put it back when you are done
  • Remember! Use caution when touching animals. Be kind to all living things and return them where you found them.

There are two versions of our scavenger hunt to meet a range of student ages and learning needs. The link here brings you to both scavenger hunt worksheets and a facilitation guide for coordinating adults. Happy hunting!