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Burlington Science Center Exhibit: Patterns in Nature! January 12, 2015

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In science classes, teachers often focus on specific content areas to drive their science curriculum. Topics such as Light & Sound, Rocks & Minerals, or Animals and their Habitats are particularly popular with students. But there are also science concepts that cut across all science disciplines. This year the Science Center decided to showcase one such concept through their bi-annual touring exhibit: Patterns in Nature.

Younger students are first can find patterns in their everyday lives by observing the natural world around them. As they grow older, students can use patterns to sort and classify objects in their world. They can begin to use patterns to make thoughtful predictions about scientific phenomena. Students even come to use patterns as evidence to support scientific explanations about the world they observe around them.

Our patterns exhibit explores several natural phenomena and the patterns they exhibit.  This charges students to think critically about what the patterns can tell us about the world around us and what they suggest may be to come in the future! Several stations illustrate patterns we can see clearly (such as stripes that help tigers hide in the grasslands) while others reveal patterns that may not be visible without careful data collection for a year (seasons and constellations) or thousands of years (earthquake locations) at a time!

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Check out all the different stations we offer in this exhibit by exploring the pictures below, or come see the exhibit for yourself when it visits your child’s school! The exhibit is currently on display for two weeks at the Memorial School. It will then travel to Pine Glen, Fox Hill, and the Francis Wyman where it will also be on display for two weeks at a time.

As always we love to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think about our exhibit by email or through the comments section below!

The Science Behind our Energy June 7, 2013

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Over the past two months the Burlington Science Center’s exhibit, “The Science of Energy” has made its way through the main lobbies of all four Burlington elementary schools. An array of interactive exhibits accompanied by informational displays encouraged students to learn about the many forms of energy and how energy can change or transfer from one form of energy to another.

Students were guided through the exhibit by answering essential questions differentiated at each grade level. From the looks of our pictures below its clear everyone was engaged and excited to learn all about the energy of our world!


Energy comes in many forms!


Exploring all the different exhibits!


Solar energy can be used to run motors, play music, and light our homes!


Cranking up the Science Center’s electromagnet generator to make electricity!