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Shadow Show at the Burlington Early Childhood Center April 15, 2016

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Is Mr. Musselman’s hand really this big???

Mr. Musselman recently brought the Science Center’s shadow theater to the Burlington Early Childhood Center for a morning of exploring how shadows form, how shadows can change in size, and where we can find shadows both indoors and out. Students wrapped up their light and shadow explorations by working together to trace and illustrate one another’s shadows! Check out the fantastic work done by these Cub Cadets and Kinderstars!

Photo Apr 14, 09 37 13

Working together to trace our shadows!

Photo Apr 14, 09 42 15

Taking our time to trace our shadows just right!


Time to add my features!



Investigating Light and Sound at Francis Wyman January 20, 2015

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Before holiday break, all the first graders at Francis Wyman were busy investigating light and sound energy.

All along Ms. Farmer was good enough to take photographs of the students experiments, observations, data records, and science diagrams. Thank you so much Ms. Farmer! Her blog with all of her unit photos can be found here.

There was lots of fascinating science phenomena on hand as students explored how sound waves traveled through different types of matter and observed how objects of different shapes and sizes created different sounds.

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While exploring light, students used special glasses to decode hidden messages in the scramble of letters. This led students to realize that some light flows through objects better than others, which led us to experiment with even more materials to determine which ones blocked light, bounced light, or allow light to pass through the best.

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Reverse Engineering Flashlights October 31, 2013

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With most of the Memorial School’s third graders turning themselves into ghouls, fairies, and superheroes tonight, the third grade teachers and Mr. Musselman recognized a perfect opportunity to integrate some STEM and safety into their halloween plans!

2013-10-31 09.17.32

2013-10-31 09.19.12

Students “reverse engineered” simple flashlights to explore how they worked. Besides looking into the circuitry of the flashlight and how the parts worked together to make the flashlight turn on and off, students also explored the design properties of the “reflector” to better understand how the flashlight takes a light source like a bulb and focuses the light into one direction.

2013-10-31 09.19.55

2013-10-31 09.20.07

At the end of the day students put the flashlight together and had a great tool to use tonight as they trick-or-treat through their neighborhoods!

Lighting the bulb!

Happy Holiday Experiment: Solar Beads! December 17, 2012

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This week all Burlington K-5 students will be coming home with a special holiday science experiment from the Burlington Science Center. They may just look like a few plain white plastic beads, but bring them outside and students will see the full beauty of these solar beads!

Watch this video to hear a brief explanation from Miss Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman about how solar beads work. Then you’ll be introduced to a science experiment for all students to try out over the holiday break.