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What We Do

The Science Center supports the K-12 Science Curriculum in Burlington Public Schools by providing numerous resources. Our main objectives are to:


We have developed a Science Curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts State Frameworks Standards and focusing on using science practices.  We use UBD design curriculum units that provides teachers with essential information (State standards, Vocabulary, Assessments, Lessons) they need to support their classrooms.

Science Kits

We provide unit based Science Kits to support the K-5 currciulum.  Each kit comes with the necessary tools and materials to teach their unit.  They also contain grade leveled science reading books, core content books and anything else to support their unit.  Kits are delivered through the school mail to the classroom.

Teacher Loan Items

We send science materials to the K-12 classrooms. These include special items such as skeletons, microscopes, telescopes.

Teacher Training/Coaching

Classroom Programs

The Science Center staff teaches Grade Level Programs at all of our Elementary schools.  Click below to see the programs at each grade level. Chick here to see our programs: grade-level-classroomprograms

Field Trips

We bring students out into nature for a closer look at the world around them. Field trips are connected to the K-5 Science curriculum and include nature walks, tide pools, habitats explorations, maple sugaring and more!

Lobby Displays/Exhibits

An exhibit travels into the lobby of each of our schools for 2 weeks.  Students are allowed to explore the exhibit with their class or before/after school.  An assessment reflecting the Science Standards is given to each student, asking questions about the exhibit.

Auditorium Programs

These are programs for the entire school.  They cover main topics in the Science Curriculum and include large, exciting demonstrations similar to viewing a presentation at a Museum.


We have fun Science Contests from year to year.  These have included picking the town flower, naming our new alligator, and growing the largest pumpkin.


Mr. Musselman manages after school and summer robotics programs for the K-8 schools.

Community Resource


1. Jane Lynch - October 21, 2008

Wendy and John,
We couldn’t do it without you two. Thanks for all the support and guidance you give us to help our children of Burlington become the next generation of scientists, doctors , engineers and explorers.
Science is Life!

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