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Investigate at Home: NSTA Interactive Kids eBooks April 2, 2020

Posted by Sean Musselman in Science.
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The NSTA recently made the generous decision to open all of its NSTA Kids eBooks freely available on the web at nsta.org/ebooks. These digital, interactive readers are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards across K-5 grade levels and a great boost to parents and educators looking for rich, accurate, and freely available science readers for remote learning purposes. The catalog includes Mr. Musselman’s own eBook, “Thinking Like a Scientist: Investigating Weather and Climate” as well as several others from respected science education colleagues and children’s authors. Though reading levels vary across the readers, we encourage you to read-along with your child using any of the eReaders your child finds interest in!

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.10.41 AM

Just a small sampling of the eReaders available for free at the K-5 level through nsta.org/ebooks

The NSTA has gone a step further in supporting at home education efforts by providing a developing series of “Daily Do’s,” lessons outlines, pointers, and additional strategies for teachers and parents to use and construct meaningful experiences around both using the eBook and extending the learning into their home and surrounding, socially-distanced environment. Many of the resources support writing and verbal conversation around making sense of everyday phenomena. The Daily Do’s are available now, including the March 26th Daily Do connected to Mr. Musselman’s eBook!



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